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It is not an untrue statement to say excessive consumerism and unnecessary consumption of wealth beyond reasonably satisfying basic needs is indirectly killing all of us prematurely and reducing the quality of life for everyone, for every specie on this plant.

The take away on recent disclosures is simply this – labeling saying “organic” and “gluten free” do not equate with safe or nutrient density.Visit for an excellent raw food cookbook with simple easy to prepare dishes, salads, deserts and other snacks with beautiful pictures of the creations all made from ingredients sourced at organic local farmer market crops and produce, and natural grocers who support local sustainable farming methods.The Mystery of Hanukkah The ABOMINATION of DESOLATION Revealed!Push Pin Map Note that all information in this list is from spams sent to me unrequested, posted on the spammers' websites, or contained in the whois database. If you see your information listed here and want to claim it was contained in a confidential e Mail, then you shouldn't have sent me that e Mail to begin with. Please note that only 800- 866- 877- and 888- numbers are toll-free in the USA.Calling other numbers, or calling toll-free numbers from outside the USA can result in charges on your phone bill.

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