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Kennedy’s assassination on June 6, 1968, his widow, Ethel, has been his torchbearer.Unlike her late sister-in-law, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, she never remarried, never sought a path or identity that was hers alone.She held herself up as the martyr, the good Catholic widow left to raise 11 children alone, the empress of Hickory Hill.She was content to be the other Kennedy widow, the domesticated antidote to the glamorous, globe-trotting Jackie. and the Dark Side of the Dream,” author Jerry Oppenheimer delves into Bobby’s upbringing — or lack thereof — to understand why the scion of our greatest political family has never accomplished much.Kicked out of two boarding schools, he was accepted by a day school in Massachusetts.Ethel farmed Bobby out to friends of a Kennedy hanger-on. “I never knew Ethel,” Joanne Brode told Oppenheimer.

He was trembling and skinny and looked really like a sad, lonely kid who’d been through hell.” Bobby rarely spoke of Ethel, but one night, while Brode was talking of her own mother’s instability, he opened up, she recalled. “My mother’s totally irrational and totally controlling.” In 1979, while studying law at the University of Virginia, Bobby met Emily Black.He was seeing other women, too, but it was Emily he proposed to one year later.According to Oppenheimer, her family, Midwestern and middle-class, was star-struck by the Kennedys. we need the cash flow to pay our suppliers,” it read. He threatened to go on TV and “tell the world what a bunch of cheapskates the Kennedys were.” By September, Fisher was paid in full.Today, Ethel Kennedy is 87, the clan’s de facto matriarch — a dubious position given the neglect shown toward her own children. Oppenheimer contrasts Bobby’s upbringing to that of John F. “John, after his father’s death, was brought up by a controlling and domineering mother, but one who obsessively looked out for his care and well-being,” he writes.“Bobby, after his father’s death, was essentially given up by his angry, widowed mother.” Ethel Kennedy met her future husband in December 1945 on a ski trip with her college pal Jean Ann Kennedy, Bobby’s little sister. “Her only interest was the Kennedy family,” Oppenheimer told People magazine in 1991.

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