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Fraudsters choose Canada because it’s soft on crime compared to the U.

S.; there are plenty of extravagant ways to spend the spoils, especially in Toronto and Vancouver; and Canada is next door to one of the world’s wealthiest nations, putting fraudsters within arm’s reach of an international gold mine.

His gym, the sleek Equinox, was a minute’s walk northwest; his preferred cigar shop, La Casa del Habano, was to the south; and his bespoke clothier, the Italian tailor V Hazelton, was directly behind him.

In a neighbourhood known for excess, Chrome was its most conspicuous consumer.

Some people are victimized without doing any of those things.

Wayne Haymer is an accountant who lived in a condo building near Don Mills and Eglinton.

One of them, the 0,000 Romain Jerome Moon Dust–DNA, contained actual moon dust and fragments of the Apollo 11 spacecraft and the International Space Station.

He owned 90 pairs of shoes, a collection worth 0,000.

One pair was made of crocodile hide and cost ,000; another was encrusted with hundreds of tiny silver spikes.

But police believe he was one of Canada’s most adept identity thieves, a major player in a sprawling -million fraud syndicate that victimized thousands of Torontonians for over a decade.

Inside Canada’s financial institutions, he was a household name, suspected of being responsible for thousands of dodgy transactions.

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