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It’s sad that couples that have the same desire to serve the Lord, are God-fearing, compatible, and have many other healthy ingredients to have a successful marriage, stay apart because of what society thinks of them differing in ages —more so if the man is younger that the woman.I really look forward to hearing about this from you.But true love is (as 1 Corinthians 13 talks of) even when your partner doesn’t have the desire or energy to participate in doing activities that you crave to do (as a person who is much younger).They may have done those things earlier in their life together, but their progressing age may change that.

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If I had a younger spouse (or my husband had a younger spouse) this would have to be dealt with —and it would definitely cause its share of problems. As a result, there may be some couples (with large age gaps) that God would want to work in and through, to show how His grace is sufficient to sustain unconditional loving, that He’s not able to, because of the choices we decide to make. But to be truthful, because of the influence of today’s world on harming marriages, I would greatly caution any couple that is contemplating marriage (where there is a large age gap).

I have found lately that couples tend to use the differences in ages as a barrier to keep them apart.

This is looking into the flesh, rather than what God has planned for them together.

Progressing age brings different “problems” with it.

When you grow old together, being close to the same age at each stage, it can be somewhat easier to take.

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