Risk updating brightmail

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New email viruses are released almost daily – any one of which can spread throughout your company within minutes.

And, in the guise of legitimate offers from real companies, spam can direct unknowing employees to websites that silently deposit malicious files or viruses.

Control Compliance Suite Standards Manager reduces cost and complexity by automating technical control checks for your entire enterprise.

It offers best-in-class pre-packaged content with over 2,900 control objectives mapped to over 45 regulations and frameworks.

Control Compliance Suite 11 simplifies this process.Control Compliance Suite is a modular solution, comprising of five key components which are fully interoperable and available separately or as part of the broader suite. Unfortunately, most anti-virus programs are ineffective at fighting new email viruses because of the time required to research, locate, and deploy the latest virus definitions.Alter Enterprise subscribes to several services, including Trend Micro’s Network Reputation Services (RBL Service), and Composite Blocking List (CBL), which maintain global block lists for unsafe domains, addresses, and SMTP relays.Alter Enterprise leverages multiple spam filtering engines from Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam and Cloudmark Message Security Services to ensure that all spam is eliminated from your environment, while also providing protection against phishing attacks.

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