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The first part comes with a lot of exposition as we get acquainted with T'Rul (who would never appear again though), with Eddington and most importantly with the Defiant.It takes almost twenty minutes until the mission finally begins.

When the four arrive on Deep Space 9, peace talks are already on the way, the Founders being represented by a man named Borath.

It is certainly a nice move in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry that the Federation is not going to war over the destruction of the Odyssey but is trying to contact the Founders for negotiations in spite of everything.

Well, the way Sisko initially speaks about the mission it almost sounds like "Oh, we've stepped onto their lawn, they have every right to be angry and kill us, and we'll have to apologize".

Inside the nebula they land on a planet that turns out to be Odo's home.

He is told by a female shapeshifter that their kind has sought refuge on this world after their species had been persecuted by the "Solids" for a long time.

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