Inaccuracies of carbon dating

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In the paper that you are reading right now, the focus will be on an evaluation of the current status of our ability to measure one or more defined arsenic compounds of interest in a variety of materials, but with some emphasis on foodstuffs and a particular emphasis on rice.

And to simplify matters even more, particular attention will be given to procedures in which the arsenic compounds are separated by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and detected and quantified by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

As the quality of the information provided is a function of the amount of time and money devoted to obtaining the information, some sort of dialogue is needed to ensure that the needs of the end user in terms of the cost effectiveness of the information are being met.

In turn, this means that the quality of the information provided is less that the best possible.

If you have suspicions, then record regular meter readings to help prove your case.

Energy suppliers have to ensure all gas and electricity meters are accurate.

Sorting these chronologically, as shown in Figure 1, reveals that the rate of publication has been increasing, though this is probably true for almost every other determination of any given analyte in the various matrices of interest.

And don’t be fobbed off by energy firms telling you that meters never go wrong. members who have found their meters running at double speed, dials turning when the gas supply is isolated and smart meters unable to communicate.

Do you think your gas or electricity meter is faulty? Gas meters and electricity meters – what you need to know I think my energy meter is faulty, what can I do?

Writing reviews of some aspect of the measurement of arsenic compounds as described in the burgeoning literature is a popular activity.

The field is too large to be encompassed by any one review article, and so the authors of each recent review have defined a subsample of the literature on which to focus; however, there is significant overlap, as several writers have chosen the topic of the measurement of arsenic compounds in environmental samples.

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