Dating macho guy

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Things girls should avoid saying to a guy When you’re having a conversation with a guy, you really don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing.Guys are less easily offended, unless you make him feel less like a man.And chances are, he may even try to cheat on you just to feel himself again. Your boyfriend may feel insecure often, especially when you’re a sexy girl who gets a lot of attention all the time.But he wouldn’t want to hear that line out loud, especially from you. And if you ever say this line in the middle of an argument, he’s definitely going to get really annoyed with you and himself. ] And to make sure he proves he’s not insecure, he may avoid you and spend more time with other girls.[Read: 20 things that turn a guy on sexually when he sees a girl] So the next time you’re having a fun conversation with a guy, remember these ten things girls should never say to guys and refrain from using it, unless you’re looking to pick a fight!

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[Read: 30 super sexy ways to keep any guy interested in you] You may not think much about your statement, but to your boyfriend, it may feel like a death blow to his heart.

And when you speak of it, he may urge you to speak with other guys too.

And what starts off as a little argument could turn into an ego war that’ll hurt both of you. The fact that you want to talk about something serious with your guy is a good sign for the relationship.

But if you compliment his friend with any traits that your own man lacks in, he’d feel more insecure and even get angry with you and his friend. Guys are pretty competitive when it comes to succeeding, especially when it comes to work or earning more money.

If your boyfriend’s trying something new and you see him failing miserably, don’t tell him that straight to his face.

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