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They got quite enough problems attempting to reposition POF atm, without doing the chat thing. If I had a dime for every time I get blown off, ignored or not responded to I'd be able to support myself just coming here. I've spoken with a few women I've known that were on dating sites or I just asked the ones that responded.

Something about my profile/pictures that apparently repulses women. We're all facing two problems: Volume - You're not the only trying to communicate with a specific woman.

If there was a live chat system, I would actually get to talk to people and not get the middle finger from every stuck up bimbo who can't even give me an f'ing response!

Okay, I'm done venting, but I'm all for a live chat system.

So we're all fighting at getting our voices heard above these two issues. Additionally, I am thinking that some are not who they are making iut they are. Prior to my joining they did have chat rooms but I don't know what that was like. It was kinda fun and you could see each other if you wanted like you can on Skype.

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