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You can rest assured that the offers you promote are converting as best they possibly can. There's no launch dates - meaning you can promote WHEN you like, as regularly as you like... This gives you , and lets you promote when YOU'RE ready.

All my launches consistently have extremely high EPC rates, and Brad P affiliates earn some of the best commissions in the industry.

Combine those high EPC rates with the extremely low refund rates ALL my products have, and you'll see why hundreds of affiliates choose to promote my products.

Just look at some of the figures from recent launches...

A lot of dating sites only pay commission on the initial customer sign-up order.

But with Megafriends, you have the potential to gain residual income.

Reputation/Security: Founded in 2000, Megafriends currently has about 600,000 members.

Whether that means sales letter vs VSL....95 vs .95..even image positioning...Customer Service: Call us old-fashioned, but we never give out anywhere near five stars for sites that don't give us a phone number to call.Megafriends directs all initial affiliate queries through their online system. As a company, Megafriends is very receptive to comments and suggestions from their affiliates.There's nothing worse than promoting products to your list that BOMB...That's why I hire ONLY the best designers..the best sales staff to create extremely high-converting offers that make you money.

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